Proactive Planning – “Core Services”

Transition to “Forward-Looking”, Holistic Planning

For Creating General Planning Opportunities With Clients

We teach you how to combine “Proactivity with Process” with your best clients

The first step to transition from “backwards-looking” to “forwards-looking”, proactive and holistic planning is to have a system and a process to help build your confidence. We do this through a personal, 90 day coaching program, that helps drive new habits and focus on “early wins”. This coaching is combined with planning tools, as well as creating your tailored and branded Virtual Family Office that enables even the smallest accounting business compete and win. Our entry level, “Core Services” gives you the framework, scripts, and guidance needed to have proactive and holistic conversations with clients that lead to valuable opportunities across a range of solutions.

What You Get

Access to a tailored and branded, online “Proactive Planning Platform” with:

  • Client Diagnostic Tool
  • “MAP” Proactive Planning Process
  • Virtual Family Office
    • Access to National Experts
    • Add your own “Local” Experts to your team
  • “Knowledge Injection” Videos
    • Conversational prompts for clients
  • Standard Value Proposition presentation (you can tailor)
    • Helps you to “reposition” your existing clients
    • Helps you to win new clients
  • 90 Day Personal Coaching Program
    • Build new habits and change behavior patterns
    • Focus on “early wins” with clients

Start becoming a proactive and holistic accountant today.

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