Business Advisory Foundations –  “Painting by Numbers”

A Solid Foundation

For Creating Business Advisory Opportunities With Clients

We teach you how to “Look Business Smart” in front of your most successful business owner clients.

A big next step toward transforming your business is to change the way you communicate and work with business owner clients. We help you do this through a self-paced training course that gives you everything you need to implement the 21st Century Advisor model and begin providing business advisory services to your best clients. Designed to be a “DIY” solution, this option is ideal for accountants who are new to the concept of providing business advisory services and who want a low-risk way to learn and implement business advisory solutions in their firm. Our Foundational Course, “Painting by Numbers,” gives you the framework, scripts, and guidance needed to have productive, meaningful business-related conversations with clients that lead to valuable opportunities – and where you have the option to outsource the solutions.

Each module guides you step by step through how to understand and deliver business advisory services. Specifically you will learn:

  • Putting the “Train on the Tracks – we guide you through the process of first changing your own mindset from CPA/practitioner to business owner, and then guiding your clients through a mindset shift so they start seeing you as truly their “Most Relevant Advisor”
  • Understanding the “3 Ingredients for Business Success” – learn what it takes to build a successful business and how to calculate the chances of maximizing business potential.
  • Following the Business Roadmap – learn the framework for successfully guiding a business along their “business journey”
  • Igniting and Fueling Desire – as one of the “3 ingredients for business success”, the desire to change and improve is critical to a business owner’s ability to transform their business, and encouraging them to take action.
  • Pivoting: The Business Advisory Approach – learn how to position your client and recognize the right approach to take to successfully deliver business advisory services – separating that advice from solution implementation (where advice becomes a billable product in it’s own right).
  • The Six Key Areas of Business Advice – learn how to grow a business and the key areas of business advice you need to deliver in order to create value for your clients. We believe that these represent 80% of everything you need to know to have valuable, meaningful discussions with your best business owner clients
  • Deeper Dive on Delivery of Business Advice – Here we will dive even deeper, giving you a complete framework for successfully selling and delivering comprehensive, holistic solutions to your clients most complex needs while changing your own business
  • Plus, an introduction to a structured and collaborative approach to delivering business advisory services

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