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To truly transform your business, you not only need a framework for transitioning to a new business model, you also need the tools and guidance to help you get there. Designed for accountants who want more support and accountability along their transformation journey, our Tier 3 service combines tailored coaching, proprietary technology, as well as a Virtual Family Office to help you fully implement the 21st Century Advisor Model and meet the complex needs of your best business owner clients.

What You Get

Our Tier 3 solution is designed to provide the value of high dollar business advisory consulting firm with the cost-benefits of a crowdsourced approach to deliver the knowledge, tools, and support you need to succeed. Specifically, you get:

Foundations Course
Our Foundational Course, “Painting by Numbers,” we teach you how to “Look Business Smart” in front of your best business owner clients. We do this by providing you with the framework, scripts, and guidance needed to have productive, meaningful business related conversations with clients that lead to valuable opportunities.

Tailored Coaching
Enjoy structured bi-weekly coaching as well as the support of a group of likeminded accountants (through an additional group program). Combined they provide you with accountability, supportive feedback, and an environment that significantly shortens the learning curve.

The Haydenrock System
Our proprietary technology was designed to help you deliver a simple, systematic diagnostic tool the evaluates their personal and business situation to quickly identify opportunities to reduce risk and create growth. This diagnostic tool quickly generates a plan for you and your client to follow and seamlessly integrates with our Virtual Family Office to help you identify and source key experts and service providers.

Virtual Family Office
We have a team of highly qualified experts and service providers with solutions for legal, wealth management, and other business needs. From structuring successions, to driving business growth, our best in breed experts can address the most complex problems facing your clients and turn them into revenue generating opportunities.

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