Over the past decade, traditional accounting compliance services have become a “price driven commodity.”  Technology changes and client preferences are rapidly accelerating the commoditization of tax and compliance services. Coupled with the rapid consolidation of accounting firms across the country, small and mid-size accounting firms are struggling to compete. At best – the future for traditional accounting services is bleak, with accountants working harder and faster for less money per hour.

To not only survive, but also thrive, you need to change how your accounting firm does business.

Haydenrock Solutions helps forward thinking accountants to reinvent their businesses, capitalizing on their role as their client’s most trusted advisor to become their client’s “Most Relevant Advisor”. We do this by giving you the tools to transform your business and become a firm that is able to:

  • Provide greater value to high-net-worth and successful business clients
  • Compete with larger, multi-disciplinary firms
  • Transition to value-based billing
  • Attract and retain the best talent in the industry
  • And so much more!

What We Do

We provide accountants who have the desire to change with the vision, plan, and resources necessary to transform their business and compete in the 21st Century.

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How We Do It

We provide four levels of service, each designed to deliver the knowledge and tools you need to progressively change how you do business.

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Who We Are

We are a team of accounting and finance professionals who, for the past 30+ years, have successfully built, managed, and coached accounting firms on the 21st Century Advisor model.

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