Some people like apple pie made only with Granny Smith apples. Others mix different
apple varieties. Some like traditional crust. Others prefer a crumb topping.

A Google search for apple pie recipe turns up over 4.7 million options, but there are
certain things they have in common.

Turns out you can’t make an apple pie without apples, butter, flour, sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg.

Likewise, you can’t build a successful business without 3 key ingredients:

Vision… Plan… and Desire.

Think of the three ingredients of business success just like going on a journey.

Vision is just like direction: Where are you going and what will it look like when you
reach your destination?

The Plan is the route. What is the best way to arrive at your destination?

Finally, desire: You have to keep moving forward and make sure that the team doesn’t
run out of gas.

The HaydenRock System begins by measuring vision, plan and desire.

We start here because all three ingredients must work together if we’re going
to maximize a company’s business potential, and enjoy the journey along the way.