Did you ever see the movie, “The Social Network”? It tells how Facebook was invented as a way for Harvard students to rate coeds in terms of attractiveness, sex appeal, etc.

Today’s dating apps such as ­­­­­­Match.com and Tinder have simplified the rating process to a series of swipes, left or right.

The HaydenRock System™ has a rating system, too – albeit without suggestive photos and fictional histories.

Remember last week we talked about the 3 ingredients of business success: vision, plan, and desire. All three ingredients need to work together in order to maximize a company’s business potential.

The HaydenRock System rates each of these key components and determines the overall BIZ rating percentage. This number helps us benchmark the strength of the business foundations today – before we make any improvements or changes.

A lower-than-average BIZ rating means the chances of significant growth are low. The business has weak business foundations. A higher-than-average BIZ rating means the chances of significant growth are greater because strong business foundations are in place.

So what do we mean by “significant growth”? We’re talking about doubling the size of the business, doubling revenues or doubling profits in a short period of time.

Think of the BIZ rating percentage score as the starting point. It helps us answer: Where are the foundations weak? Where do we need to make priority changes? It also allows us to monitor the progress over time.

The HaydenRock System is the tool that helps your clients maximize business potential, grow revenues, grow profits, and double business value.