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Frequently Asked Questions & Concerns

You are probably beginning to see how the HaydenRock System can really help your CPA business… and really help your business owner clients.

However, it’s quite normal to have some questions going through your mind.

CPA’s typically ask us questions or have concerns like:

I don’t like change. Do I need to?2021-05-11T06:28:54+00:00

Let’s be honest, nobody likes change.

But it’s not a question of wanting to change. Given the seismic shift that is already happening in the accounting industry, it’s really only a question of HOW to make it happen if you want to not only survive, but actually thrive in the 21st Century as a professional advisor.

We expect you will have heard of the “definition of insanity” – which is to keep on doing the same things and expecting a different outcome.

Not changing is really not a long-term option – and at HaydenRock Solutions we recognize that change is not easy – but we can and will help to make it as easy and fun as possible.

What about the time & cost?2021-05-22T00:52:46+00:00

Remember – there are always 2 precious commodities when it comes to building a successful business – Time & Money.

We can help you move from a situation today – where you are quite likely bogged down providing compliance services to one where the reverse is the case and you will be spending most of your valuable time with your best clients. That is what the HaydenRock System has been designed to help you to do.

We have designed different pricing models that work for any size of CPA. Above all – our pricing structure has been designed so that CPAs and HaydenRock Solutions are effectively working in a collaborative partnership – and as a result we are very confident that pricing will not deter you.

We use the expression “if you don’t win then we don’t win” for a reason.

Do I have the right skills?2021-05-22T00:54:04+00:00

The HaydenRock System has been designed by accountants for accountants.

The System is logical and process driven – just like most CPAs like it. At the risk of being self-deprecating we often use the expression “painting by numbers” for a reason.

But as well as process – we also provide support through layers of leadership and coaching to make sure that you have the right skills to execute.

We also provide you with “safety-nets” when you in the early stages of training – and if you prefer – we can even arrange to outsource some of the delivery of advisory services for you.

Do I have the right clients?2021-05-22T00:55:00+00:00

The HaydenRock System works best with small to medium sized entrepreneurial business owner clients.

The “right sized” clients typically range between annual revenues of $1m through to about $20-30m. Although there is really no upper-limit in practice.

Your business owner clients only need to bring with them the desire to grow their business and to maximize business potential.

That description probably represents 90% of you business owner clients. They need and want help to grow their businesses but they don’t know which way to turn. As their trusted advisor you are in the perfect place to help them.

And in so doing you can become more than trusted – you can become their Most Relevant Advisor – central to their needs – and a valuable client for life for you – and that in turn means you will Maximize CPA Business Potential.

But also ask yourself this question:

As a CPA Business Owner yourself, is the HaydenRock System™ worth exploring further?

Would you like to Explore the Impact it can have on your Clients’ Businesses as well as helping you to Maximize CPA Business Potential?

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