Do I have the right clients?

The HaydenRock System works best with small to medium sized entrepreneurial business owner clients. The “right sized” clients typically range between annual revenues of $1m through to about $20-30m. Although there is really no upper-limit in practice. Your business owner clients only need to bring with them the desire to grow their business and to maximize business potential. That description [...]

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Do I have the right skills?

The HaydenRock System has been designed by accountants for accountants. The System is logical and process driven – just like most CPAs like it. At the risk of being self-deprecating we often use the expression “painting by numbers” for a reason. But as well as process – we also provide support through layers of leadership and coaching to make sure that you have [...]

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What about the time & cost?

Remember – there are always 2 precious commodities when it comes to building a successful business – Time & Money. We can help you move from a situation today – where you are quite likely bogged down providing compliance services to one where the reverse is the case and you will be spending most of your valuable time [...]

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I don’t like change. Do I need to?

Let’s be honest, nobody likes change. But it’s not a question of wanting to change. Given the seismic shift that is already happening in the accounting industry, it’s really only a question of HOW to make it happen if you want to not only survive, but actually thrive in the 21st Century as a professional advisor. We expect [...]

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