We’ve been exploring various components of our planning process. Today let’s do a
quick review to see where the pieces fit together.

Remember, our objective is to help clients clarify direction and maximize their business
potential. That means grow revenues, grow profits, grow business value, and help them
achieve their big-business outcomes.

Our initial focus has been on the three ingredients of business success: vision, plan,
and desire. The HaydenRock System™ produces a simple, one-page plan that contains
key planning priorities.

The next step is establishing accountability. Who is accountable for driving outcomes
behind those planning priorities?

There are 3 possibilities: someone on the client’s team… someone on the CPA firm
team… or some sort of outside expert (HaydenRock can introduce you to an expert as

Okay, so plans are in place and we’ve established accountability. Focus now shifts
towards driving action.

In our experience, driving action requires regular external follow-up meetings to drive
accountability – asking questions like: Are the plans on track? These meetings can
occur monthly or quarterly. But the essential point is we need to maintain the pace of

Otherwise clients risk slipping back into ‘business-as-usual’ mode.

By working together, we can help business owners to sustain the pace of change. And
in turn, that leads towards growing revenues, growing profits and growing business

Our goal is to help clients double revenues, double profits, and double equity value in a
short period of time.

Next, we’ll start to put together the roadmap for doing just that.