The survey results on page 6 of the April Accounting Today are telling.

The survey question: What do you plan to do after the end of tax season?

Almost two thirds of respondents said they planned to take one day off or no days off, while 31% said they would take a week or longer vacation.

First, my congratulations to those CPAs able to grab some down time…

And my condolences to those unable to take a breather.

Whatever camp you’re in, have you ever questioned an industry that, year after year, pushes its professionals to the point of exhaustion?

How many years have you been enduring tax season?

How many years will you continue?

Is it getting easier or harder?

How does it make you feel to know that the grind begins anew in 280 short days?

A couple weeks ago, I asked a CPA how tax season was going.

His response: “Have you ever seen the movie Network, when Peter Finch is screaming out his apartment window, ‘I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!!’ That’s how I feel.”

Turns out he was mostly mad at himself. Because every year he swears he’s not going to tolerate tax season anymore.
Then next year it’s more of the same.

Sound familiar?

Have you ever stopped and wondered, “Why does it have to be this way?”

Because we’re accountants, you idiot. It goes with the territory.

But what if it didn’t?

What if 50% of your firm revenues came from advisory services instead of tax returns and compliance work – would that make tax season less hellish?

That goal is not only possible, it’s happening every day.

The long-term growth prospects in tax returns, auditing, and other backwards-looking accounting work is bleak.

Meanwhile, the growth in advisory and consulting business is skyrocketing.

I read recently that the Big 4 accounting firms will do more advisory business this year than Bain and other big name consulting firms. Take a look at how Deloitte is positioning itself in the marketplace; they sound much more like a consulting firm than a CPA firm. “Meanwhile, a 2016 survey of Australian accountancy practices found that 84% of firms believe that for accountants to survive, they MUST provide advisory services” .

What about you?

Are you okay with working harder… and faster… for less money… having no fun… with a mindset that remains backward looking… reactive… focused on compliance?

Are you content with growing less and less relevant by the day?

Or are you mad as hell and finally ready to put an end to tax season misery once and for all?

The HaydenRock SystemTM provides CPAs with a tested and proven process plus personal coaching to introduce advisory and consulting services into your firm.

It’s based on the same process used to transform a small-town practice into one of the largest accountancy firms in England – where almost 80% of firm revenues came from advisory services rather than tax and compliance work.

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