We’re pleased to announce the publication of our new book, “Changing the Face of Accounting: Forward-thinking conversations about reinventing the CPA field” by HaydenRock partner Ian Welham.

Scheduled to be released later this month, the book features industry movers and shakers, including five of Accounting Today’s 100 Most Influential People.

To give you a feel for what the book is about, here’s a sneak peek from the intro section:

    • “There are over 650,000 Certified Public Accountants in the United States. Most understand that the industry is undergoing profound change.
    • Not surprisingly, many are reacting in the way accountants are most comfortable:
    • They’re waiting… watching… wondering… and weighing options…
    • Then waiting… watching… wondering… and weighing options some more.
    • In other words, sitting on the sidelines.
    • And letting others determine their fate.
    • Meanwhile, some courageous CPAs have elected not to wait.
    • They realize that the industry is changing, and what worked for the last 150 years is no longer effective.
    • They recognize that the modern business owner wants more from his/her accountant than historical record keeping.
    • They understand that the future is not about adding numbers; it’s about adding value.
    • This book is a celebration of these change agents. Meet:
      • The CPA who lands several new clients every month without ever sitting down in the same room with them
      • The fast-growing accounting service started by a teenage girl that’s been featured in The Wall Street Journal, NY Times, Forbes, and Entrepreneur
      • The ex-corporate accountant who built one of the most successful niche CPA practices in the country
      • The former accounting advisor to the U.S. Senate’s Special Whitewater Committee
      • Winner of the “CPA Marketer of the Year” award, presented by Inside Public Accounting


    • There’s also inspiration for those who are trying to chart their own path.
    • Tom Hood, the #2 most influential person in all of accounting (Accounting Today), discusses what it will mean to be a CPA in the future, and where the biggest opportunities will be going forward.
    • New York Times best-selling author and futurist Daniel Burrus shares what he’s telling clients such as Deloitte… Ernst & Young… KPMG… and PricewaterhouseCoopers.
    • Ron Baker, the foremost authority on value-based pricing, explains why the billable hour is a lousy customer experience, and how technology is already changing the profitability of accounting firms.
    • These successful accountants and industry thought leaders have generously agreed to share with you how they serve business owners, and how you can, too.
    • Hopefully their wisdom, vision, and real world experiences will inspire you to take action and discover the rewards of being a 21st Century CPA and Advisor.”

Next week I’ll share an excerpt from the book featuring Tom Hood, CPA Practice Advisor Accounting Hall of Famer and CEO/President of the Maryland Association of CPAs. According to Accounting Today, Tom is the number two most influential person in all of accounting. We tried to get number one, but God was busy that day.