There has NEVER been a better time to reposition yourself as an Accountant or to realize that you need to become the Most Relevant Advisor to your clients. 

In this episode of A Look Into The Future, Paul Latham breaks down how you can remain or become relevant to the “new normal” we’ve faced in the past few months and will continue to experience in the future. 

He’ll explain: 

  • Signs the Accounting world is changing even faster than predicted 
  • What Accountants should be saying to their clients NOW 
  • The benefits of being perceived as a “good guy/girl” during this time of uncertainty 
  • Action items you can be doing very soon with your clients, if you’re not already doing them, to add value 
  • How a virtual family office can help you implement solutions to your best client’s personal and business needs 

Accountants should be the person their clients call in a crisis, their “go-to” advisor, a leader.

Learn the steps HOW to become the Most Relevant Advisor by watching the video below.

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