By Paul Latham

Vision – Plan – Desire

Strategically 3 is a magic number

They say that “all good things come in 3’s” and so it is with business strategy.

Are you working with the 3 Ingredients of Business Success?

Think of these 3 ingredients like going on any journey:

“VISION” – you know your ultimate destination and what it (your business) will look like when you get there.

“PLAN” – you have worked out the best route (plan) to arrive at your destination (vision).

“DESIRE” – you know that to arrive at your destination you will need to keep “filling up with gas” – because you really want to get there.

All 3 ingredients need to be working together if you are going to Maximize Business Potential.

In fact you can actually calculate your % chances of doing so by taking our “BIZ” Diagnostic Survey – which will calculate the strength of your business intangibles (those factors that on average represent 80% of business value).

The great news is that whatever your current “BIZ” Rating %  – business owners only need to bring their personal Desire to improve their business performance and “avoid the business rocks” (see illustration below) – because your licensed business advisor (powered by the HaydenRock System™) can help you to drive the Vision and the Plan.

If your business scores less than 55% “BIZ” Rating then your chances of maximizing business potential will be low (if you don’t make any business changes).

If you can improve your “BIZ” Rating to more than 55% – working towards a score in excess of 65% or 75% – then your chances of maximizing business potential start to exponentially improve.

We find that successful business owners prefer to leave nothing to chance – while the less successful treat business more like a “coin flip”– and you wouldn’t just flip a coin with your business success (or would you?).

By the way, just to be really clear here – we are talking about the % chance of you maximizing your business potential. Not the % chance of you running a moderately okay sort of business.

So – a key rule of strategy – think: VISION – PLAN – DESIRE

Because in strategic terms – 3 is a magic number!

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